A Year Ago Today

A year ago we were walking around with our face uncovered. A year ago we were working in the office. A year ago we thought we would work from home for a couple of weeks and everything would go back to normal. A year ago we shook hands or gave a hug. A year ago I didn’t Instacart every grocery order or even remember my Door Dash password.

A year. It seems like so long ago. I haven’t worked at the office in a year. I haven’t been on a plane. I haven’t gathered with co-workers in person.

I haven’t missed going into the office and can honestly say I’m accomplishing more in my personal life than ever before. My commute time is now my workout/walk time. We have a camping trip or two scheduled for every month. We’re spending more time on our outdoor activities. My dogs are spoiled beyond imagination. Two are covid pups and have never known a life of going to their kennel each morning to nap while we go to work.

My husband will not be going back to the office until at least 2022, and even then he will not have to go in all the time. I will be on a similar schedule after receiving the vaccine. It will be good to have in-person interaction again. I’m not going to give up Instacart or Door Dash. It’s been a wonderful weekly time saver.

The big questions: Why did it take a pandemic to get people to wash their hands?

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2 thoughts on “A Year Ago Today”

  1. Seriously! Covid has been pretty good for my overall health. I get outside more, walk more during the week, and I haven’t had a cold in quite some time!

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