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Friday is for…

In my 2021 attempt to write more I have jumped back into the blog world. Each evening I venture into the blogosphere and visit others. I participate in blog hops to explore and find inspiration for writing topics.  It’s interesting, it’s fun, and it is a wonderful break from the stressful social media world.  A few daily writing hops I like are Wordless Wednesday, Thankful Thursday, and a recent find the Writing Workshop. There are several for Friday, and I would like to leave Fridays open for any topic. Not that any day isn’t open to any topic. One post a day is a stretch goal for me. So for Friday, it’s for:

  • Funny
  • Funky
  • Friendly
  • Family
  • Food finds
  • Whatever

This Friday, Friday is for food.

We enjoy cooking together. It’s a time to get something done and discuss the day, or just be silly together. Sometimes we turn on the “device that shall not be named” and watch Hot in Cleveland while food prep. Sometimes we ask “the device” to play soothing music in the background while we prepare the meal. Sometimes it’s a funky-funny festivity of chaos complete with the funniest 90’s hip-hop hits. If I’ve been completed disconnected I ask for news highlights.  In the winter we like comfort food and soup is at the top of our list.

As I look out my window and watch the cold rainfall that is threatening to become snow I think about what soup I would like to make this weekend. My current favorite is a creamy taco soup. It has a little spice and is rich enough to really warm you up. I found the recipe on and tweaked it to fit our tastes. While we prefer to go as unprocessed as possible, with some soups I cheat and use condensed soup. If you would like lower calories and sodium, make your own mushroom cream sauce instead of using canned cream of mushrooms soup. You can also chopped your own tomatoes and chiles.

Creamy Chicken Soup topped with corn chips and quesadillas on the side.

This soup doesn’t take long if you boil your chicken and shred it. It can be done an hour before dinner, or slow cook all day. As with most soups, longer or save until the next day is better. We prefer the slow cook method because it means no chicken to thaw.  When we get up we throw in a frozen chicken breast or two with a little water and slow cook until lunch. At lunch break, we shred the chicken if it is ready, and throw in other ingredients- minus the cheese, and drop the heat to warm. The Neufchatel cheese is left until the very end just before serving.  The soup spends the remainder of the day marinating. When it is soon time for dinner stir in the cheese. It will need about another 20 minutes to absorb flavor. I add the cheese just before making quesadillas. That’s just enough time for it to blend well. Beans and corn make a great addition to this recipe if you need more substance and oomph to your meal.

100% our favorite soup meal. It is a creamy variation of our chicken fajita soup. It’s the creaminess that takes it to the next level of yum.