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The Powerful Impact of ELearning

Reading this article:   7 Benefits And The Powerful Impact Of eLearning In 2018

The headline summary states, “eLearning is not a new concept, but not many people recognize the impacts it is making on educational platforms. Since education is aimed at life development, eLearning is a privilege that can boost improvement across fields of knowledge and innovations.”

No doubt elearning is big. No doubt it has a major impact and is an amazing tool.  However, approach with caution. It is a tool.  You wouldn’t use a hammer to fix everything that goes wrong in your house would you?  Some fixes need a different approach.  The sole use of elearning is a dangerous move.  Students are losing the ability to focus for more than a few moments. The traditional classroom is boring, they would rather shut their brains off and play a game. This is where elearning, combined with direct instruction can force them to turn the mind back on and be challenged.

When combined with traditional methods elearning is an amazing supplement to the learning experience. Students can be introduced to new content using elearning. The instructor can build on that introduction with other resources and direct instruction. Elearning can reinforce previously acquired knowledge. It is also a great tool for application of learning concepts. If used with directed focus, it can enhance conventional and traditional methods. We don’t have to throw away the old ways, but we must learn to weave the new in with the old. Meet learners where they are and challenge them to be more.

Finally, as much as I love a good paper book, I love carrying my books everywhere…just in case a moment to read presents itself.  Elearning has certainly lightened the backpack of 21st Century students.



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