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Finding Balance- Hobbies

While work pays the bills, all work and no play does not keep stress at bay. Sometimes life just gets in the way. (OK, if I keep on this track I’m going to have to cite Dr. Seuss. Not my intention.) I’m on a quest for balance and getting back to the things I love. While it was a great day for being on the water, we chose a different path- one that definitely classifies as a road less traveled. There is one hobby that I rarely mention in ice breakers. If I do there are usually several raised eyebrows, even more than when I share that we have 5 dogs, a cat, a bunny, and a grumpy Mali Uromastyx lizard. We spent today geocaching.

What is geocaching? Basically geocachers use multi-billion dollar government satellites to search for tupperware in the woods. It’s not always tupperware. Sometimes it is an ammo can, a bison tube, or a camo pill container. People post the geographic coordinates of their hides on the geocaching website. Cachers use a GPS or the GPS on their phone to search for what has been hidden, find it, sign the log, and put it back, then logging the find on the website. Sometimes there are items to trade or track/move to another location.

So, what’s the point?

  • It’s just another hobby.
  • It occupies the mind.
  • Puzzles are fun.
  • It gets you moving.
  • Finding a cache is a quick win, a fun success. It has nothing to do with work or responsibility.

What I really like is finding something new. Going off trail you see things that you ordinarily wouldn’t. For instance, nearby there is a geocache hidden at the site of an old one room school house. I had no idea it was there. Another is at a local mall that happens to have the family grave sites of the original land owners. Maintaining the grave sites was part of the land purchase agreement. That’s a neat tidbit of local history that I never would have discovered had I not been looking for a cache that someone hid there with the purpose of sharing the site.

Caching is certainly not for everyone, but it is something we enjoy. Part of work-life balance is finding something that makes you happy, brings you joy, and relieves the stress of life. Having a hobby and taking the time for it is another key element to finding balance.

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