Powtoon Practice

Keeping it short and sweet, Powtoon is easy, engaging, and cheap— as long as you stay with the free version.

Exploring a new program is exciting and fun and I have thoroughly enjoyed Powtoon. Whiteboard videos, cartoon animation, and micro-learning are the buzz words of the day. Powtoon offers a quick and easy way to create all three. The free version offers basic tools and assets. Stepping up is a little pricey. The asset library and export formats are expanded, as well as storage, making it worth the money if it is a primary authoring tool or your organization has the budget for supplemental software. An Enterprise version is also available.

During my creative exploration I found action timing to be a little unfriendly, lacking in customization. Entrance and exit transitions are also limited. However, it serves its purpose without being overly technical with a tremendous learning curve. If you can create a PowerPoint, you’ll be able to create an engaging video. Whiteboard and animation videos aren’t meant to be tremendously technical anyway, so the limitations play in Powtoon’s favor. The web based platform means no software to download, but you can work only as fast as your connection. If your Internet is down, good luck. Completing your project offline will be a challenge.

Back in my classroom days I would have loved to utilize the free version for lesson enhancement, but upgrading to Pro or higher would have been unattainable and unreasonable. It would be great if an educator version was available.

The video below was created in about an hour using Powtoon. Quick, easy, and to the point. It’s certainly a tool I will explore more.

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