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Doodle Days of Summer

A few rambling thoughts for the day…

I love to doodle. It helps me think, and relax. It’s hard to sit in a meeting and not doodle. The act of sketching something helps me focus on what is being said, process it, and contribute. Unfortunately, many feel you are bored and inattentive if you doodle in this setting. They likely have zero interest in your learning styles study results or personal experiences with focus techniques. Appearances matter, in some spaces.

If I’m doodling in my workspace there is problem solving taking place. Vacation time, it’s not just doodling to relax. Colored pencils, twisty crayons, doodle book, and favorite coloring books will be part of each day. Adulting doesn’t mean you have to give up your creativity.

I stumbled across the article below and it was a reminder to get back to the things I love. Not just sketching, but anything that there doesn’t seem time for anymore How often do I take my sketch book on the sun porch and enjoy my morning coffee with a happy doodle? Lately, it’s rare.

—25 Easy Doodle Art Drawing Ideas For Your Bullet Journal

We’ve started finding ways to ease the chaos and go-go-go nature of life. It’s a trend I want to continue. That means more time together, more time doing the things we love (hiking, biking, kayaking), more time living and not just existing. More time writing, reading, creating, exploring. Each day is to be lived, not just gotten through.

Live life. Give joy. Be at peace.

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