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Doodly do or Doodly don’t?

Doodly software is an easy to use tool for whiteboard animation creation. I created the above in a matter of minutes- start to finish, render, and upload to YouTube. Simple.

What I like:
– Software, no extra hardware needed. No pen. No big clunky board. No projector.
– SIMPLE to use with drag and drop functionality.
– Easy interface for basic entry/exit customization.
– A number of useable assets for just about any project.
– You can add your own images if you want something more.
– Great royalty-free audio tracks.

What I don’t:
– Limited options for entry and exit.
– Limited ability to manipulate the timeline.

Doodly is a great tool for basic whiteboard animations. The biggest plus is its simplicity and no need for extra hardware. If you can use PowerPoint, this is even easier. Anyone who knows the basics of using a computer and Office software can learn Doodly in minutes. The lack of advanced functionality is limiting if you want to take your creative view to the next level. If you really want something more powerful and technical, Adobe has great tools to challenge you. If you want to create a quick whiteboard animation, Doodly works.

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