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2020 Needs a Reboot

Weird year, and it has been an interesting start. I started 2020 with a new job oppportunity…which I declined. I was not leaving a company, I was seeking a different direction and focus. When I found out my company would allow me to pursue what I truly enjoy about my job and focus on design and development of training, I agreed to stay. Win-win for both of us.


Imagine changing jobs and then hitting this week. Wow. Schools are closed. Offices are closed. Everyone is being asked to social distance. Those who can are working from home.


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I oscillate between being overly concerned and questioning how serious this actually is.  We’ve been fortunate. We buy all the staples we need at the beginning of the month, as well as all the meat for the month. Fresh items are purchased weekly.  We didn’t have to do the store stress before retreating to our home.  Very fortunate there.  There was a minor concern at the beginning of the week when I ran a mild fever and felt under the weather. There wasn’t a chance I was going into my doctor’s office or an urgent care. Nope.  Given the circumstances it would make everyone I worked with feel better if I received a little medical advice.  Teladoc it was.  They were seriously overwhelmed. Based on symptoms the doctor felt it was likely not the flu and more likely to be the virus that shall not be named and left me with self isolate and good luck getting tested.  Huh?  Yeah. Since I did not worsen, I’m going to go with inaccurate, or severly lucky.  Either way, behavior is not changing. My introverted self actually does not mind staying at home away from everyone.

The seriousness of it all, pretty dang.  My immune system is somewhat compromised by RA and my medication, but I taught for 18 years.  That does something for your tolerance.  I still don’t want to test it with a novel virus. I’m more concerned about who we could contaminate.  I’m even more concerned about overwhelming our health care system and life/death decisions having to be made not based on severity, but based on who can we save and who has the most life ahead of them.

Stay safe. Wash your hands.


Live life. Give joy. Be at peace…while social distancing.



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