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Perspectives on a Beautiful Day


Sitting on the sun porch enjoying coffee, fresh air, and the sounds of nature.  It’s another beautiful day in quarantine. We are staying busy with house projects. My closet has been redone. The second office has been moved to our bedroom so a returning offspring can have her own space. Pictures long ago purchased are now hanging attractively in their perfect spot. New plants are in the ground, old plants have new pots.

It’s important to me that our living space be peaceful, comfortable, and somewhere we don’t mind being for the next six weeks. A clean space is a peaceful space. Clutter heightens stress. The last thing we need right now is more stress. Being the introverts we are, transitioning to the requirements of stay at home has been rather smooth.  I feel for my extroverted friends and co-workers. I know it is more difficult for them.  There are ways to cope and everyone has to find the path for themselves.

During our pandemic “stay at home” period we are employing a few techniques to get through each day and make the best of it.

  1. Refocus.  We are not stuck at home. We are staying at home to stay healthy and keep our family and friends healthy.  This is an opportunity to tackle those home projects we’ve been putting off because there is never enough time. New plants are in the back bed. Weeds are disappearing. Bushes and trees are getting trimmed at a more appropriate time of the season.  Pictures are hung. All of our “stuff” drawers are organized.
  2. Maintain. The laundry is caught up. There are no dishes in the sink. Dusting is done. Cars are clean with oil changed and everything checked.
  3. Partake of the sun in moderation. Sunlight is good for us. It is refreshing and helps keep us healthy. Vitamin D helps our immune system, the absorption of calcium, and REDUCES DEPRESSION.  That last part is really important during this time of uncertainty and increased stress at the changes we have to navigate.
  4. Read. Meditate. Be quiet. RELAX. My favorite spot is sitting on this screened patio listening to the birds.  Fresh air. The sounds of nature. Ella curled at my side. Mozart chewing on my toes. OK, maybe not that last part. I do have to prop my feet in order not to have Mr. Chewy attacking my toes.  If I have everything picked up he can’t destroy anything and it is still rather relaxing out here. Take the time to be still.  Working from home isn’t ideal, nor is staying at home.  Don’t feel guilty for being quiet and doing nothing for a few minutes every day.  It’s a great recharge.
  5. Go for a walk. As long as we aren’t interacting in close proximity, it’s a great way to get moving and maybe say hi to a neighbor.
  6. Enjoy the pets.  We are going to have several very depressed dogs when everyone goes back to work.
  7. Play a game. Put the phone away. Turn off the TV. Play a game. It’s fun, keeps our mind active, and is a great way to interact with the family without device distraction.
  8. Don’t obsess. Keeping aware of the world around us is important. Obsessing over the latest is not healthy.
  9. Use delivery services when possible. There are a couple of ways to look at this and not everyone is going to agree. I can respect that. Our take:  We are both able to keep working during the stay at home requirement. Not everyone is so lucky. Using Instacart, Door Dash, and other delivery services help others whose regular jobs are not currently paying them.   If you are able to use delivery services, tip well.  These wonderful people willing to ease the burden for the rest of us are trying to make a little extra, but they are also putting their health and family at risk.
  10. Establish a routine. It makes life easier and less stressful.

Hang in there. Stay healthy. Stay active.


Live life. Give joy. Be at peace…while social distancing and staying at home.

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