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Neighbors, Projects, and Bears, OH MY!

We are approximately two weeks into our required stay-at-home period.  For us introverts, social distancing was a seamless transition. I know others are struggling with the change and I feel for them.

We go for walks every day and enjoy time together indoors and out.  I walk in the morning, then again at lunch. After the workday is done I take a walk with my husband. We debrief the day and verbalize our evening plan. We each choose one thing responsible to do, one thing fun to do, and one thing to do together.  That way a required task is complete, we have decompression time apart, and we take time together.  So far it’s working. 

Board games have become a goto for the household.  We were laughing the other day about how entertainment has gone strict old school.  Yes, we could binge-watch favorite (or at least tolerable) shows.  There is some of that, but it’s human interaction we crave. Board games and card games are fun, exercise the mind, and stimulate conversation.  Two adults had a giggly game of Snakes and Ladders the other night. I personally love Scrabble and Boggle. Card games like Would You Rather… and What Do You Meme? always result in laughter. Coming up soon Jenga and Monopoly.  There is some hesitation with Monopoly. It’s a long game and tensions can get high.  We’ll manage. Time together and keeping our minds off the Quarantine 2020 is the goal.

This weekend my “fun thing to do” was to spend time with my camera and create a neighborhood video.  Each day on our walks I have enjoyed seeing neighbors out. The neighborhood has an ongoing bear hunt for children and the young at heart.  Many homes have bears in their windows and the goal is to find as many as you can.  It’s something cute and entertains us as we walk the neighborhood. I can honestly say, our yards have never looked so good. There are so many home projects and people spending time with their decorative outdoor spaces.  I’ve enjoyed it and took a few moments to capture it.

It’s important to find the positive in all the sad uncertainty of the time.

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