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Hidden Talents and Finding the Positive

It’s been weeks since I’ve seen the office. Meetings are held using Teams. We work from the comfort or chaos of our homes. I don’t mind working from home. I actually love it. Working from home allows us to take a little time before the workday to enjoy coffee on the patio. I like to take a morning walk before starting the day. Time to start, we retreat to our work spaces and do what needs to be done, occasionally peeking in to see how the other is doing. We meet for lunch, sit outside and chat or take a walk. First to finish gets to decide dinner. We may have to rethink this strategy as no one likes to be that decision maker. The evening is spent taking care of things that need to be done and spending time playing a game, reading, or in most cases trying to figure out what one of the dogs is now chewing on. No time is spent commuting to and from work. That leaves more time do things we want and need to do. We wave at our neighbors when out. Really, it is almost relaxing.


We don’t mind our new routine. As introverts, it really hasn’t been that disruptive. We mind that it is required. To cope, we seek the positives of each day.

One of the positives from yesterday was a co-worker sharing a recording of her lunch time relaxation routine. She, apparently, is an exceptional pianist. I took advantage of her shared recording and used it as the music bed for a photo video of my favorite place, Dauphin Island. I’ll share it below.

While we are working from home, and collaborating virtually with colleagues, it is an opportunity to get to know each other better. Interactions must become deliberate, not just because we happen to run into each other getting coffee. It’s an opportunity to develop working relationships. Many are starved for connections and conversation. Take five minutes before getting into the content of the meeting to just chat. It will probably make the entire meeting go better. Who knows? There may be more hidden talents and common interests.

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