Two weeks too long

It’s been two weeks. That’s two weeks too long. Two weeks since we said goodbye to Tiki. Seventeen years she was with me. Stubborn. Strong. Independent. Happy. Charming. Inquisitive. Tiki was an amazing dog. She loved to explore and loved to meet new people. She was fierce and friendly. The matriarch and silent leader she ran the pack. Each new puppy she mothered and trained. Everyone perfected her terrible wrestling technique, roll over and kick with your back feet. Try to take her toy and you might lose a finger, or your snout if you’re Mozey. Life and cuddles were 100% on her terms. I have never seen a dog so capable of burrowing and perfectly tucking herself in for bed. Napping queen, it was the secret to her longevity. Play hard, nap harder. It’s been two weeks and I have been unable to pay her a proper tribute. Browsing her pictures has been therapeutic. I can think of her and smile, but the loss is felt so deep. In the last several months I have been focused on her care and making sure she was comfortable, looking for any sign that she was tired and ready to call it quits. I didn’t want her to suffer. It wasn’t until her last 24 hours that she showed any sign of being tired and ready to say that’s it, I’m done with this. It was one of the most difficult decisions, but we held her close and made her feel safe as we said goodbye.

Back in July I posted: Is this what I signed up for?


When I brought Tiki home and made her part of our family it is exactly what I signed up for. No regrets. 17 years of furry, foot licking, charm. (Her’s not mine.) I am so glad we had the bonus days. It really helped come to terms with the inevitable goodbye. Take a few minutes and check out Tiki through the years. She was awesome.

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2 thoughts on “Two weeks too long”

  1. I am sorry for your loss. It’s been almost four years since Trisket, our dog of 17+ years, had to be put down to keep from suffering. Dogs become a part of our families.

    Glad to see you have a blog again! -Sage

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