Friday is for

Friday is for…Finally.

It is finally Friday and I could not be happier. It’s been a long week.

I do believe the United States has breathed a sigh of relief this week. Regardless of political affiliation, it is good to see the inauguration and transfer of power complete. This election was stressful. I’m glad to see it done, and I am hopeful for the future. I’m always hopeful for the future.

No big projects this weekend. We have a family dinner planned for Sunday. We’ve decided that will be a nice addition for 2021. We’ve worked hard for 9 years to blend our families. There are times it has worked, and times it has not. That doesn’t mean we stop trying.

That’s the way with each week too. Whether it is busy, stressful, or not good we still don’t stop working through it.

It wasn’t a bad week, but it was busy. I don’t do boring, so that works.

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