Pulling Up a Spot of ‘Net

I’m back to the writing board. Back to the WWW. Back on the ‘net. Back?  Yes. Back. Yes. I was here before. Back when?  The day.  The days before children in  college and high school. The days before “mom taxi”. The days before life got in the way. I have tried multiple times to start writing again, but I had nothing to say.  #NOTHING

What do I have to say now? A good bit actually. With five dogs, a cat, a bunny, and a lizard there is much fodder for my spot on the web. I’m also seeking a career transition. That exploration alone adds to the cluttered mind of an instructional specialist, k-12 educator, seeking to impart knowledge on corporate America.

What will one find here?  #Everything

Stream of consciousness is my preferred ramble method.  I will also open the door to my cluttered mind and provide words of wisdom, analysis, and reviews.  It may simply be a picture, statement, or quote of the day.

This is my spot on the web, but you’re welcome anytime. Just remember to live life, give joy, and be at peace while you’re here and when you leave.